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buy ice cream runtz strain online. The flavor profile of Ice Cream Runtz is a rush of sugary confectionery goodness. The inhale is packed with vanilla sweetness, like a flavor of sweet dough. There are candy and nutty flavors mixed in, as well as creamy thickness in the exhale, like breathing out a thick palette of frosting. The aroma mostly follows suit but with some users reporting a bright, citrus sensation, like the smell of pineapple. This strain is for users who crave something sweet and happiness-inducing, free from skunk and chem-y aftertastes. Ice Cream Runtz delivers the cannabis equivalent of licking the frosting spoon. Ice cream runtz for sale, runtz cartridges, real pink runtz, runtz disposable vape 1000mg

buy ice cream runtz strain online

The plant is densely packed with hard, rounded nugs, olive-green and peppered with amber pistils. On top of the deep green and dark purple colors, these little nuggets branch out into lavender-white crystal trichomes. The strain takes about 8-9 weeks to flower and can be grown pretty much anywhere. Because the yield is high and the plant is medium to tall in height, we recommend it for advanced growers. It’s beautiful to have around but can be a lot of work too, requiring extra energy to keep properly pruned. Runtz cartridges

The Ice Cream Runtz strain is so tasty that it’s appetite-inducing, according to many user reports, potentially settling stomachs and calming minds at the same time. The strain is best used in the evening when a little sleepiness, like after eating a big dessert but even more powerful, is a welcome distraction from pain or stress. Real pink runtz, runtz disposable vape 1000mg


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