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For those looking to Buy Buddha’s Hands Runtz online our shop is the best place.The genetics of the Lemon Thai and the Snow Lotus were used to create the well-balanced hybrid known as Runtz Buddha’s Hand. The heavy, trichome-coated blossoms emit potent scents of citrus and wildflowers. It’s a nice morning and early afternoon hybrid with a minor Sativa dominance. Very lemony, with a touch of lavender and hops for flavour (linalool and myrcene). Also, you can get Buddha’s Hands Runtz for sale, Buddha’s Hands weed strain, cali weed packs for sale, white runtz carts

Buddha’s Hands Runtz for sale

Buddha’s Hand Borz strain is a potent indica that is perfect for a morning wake and bake. Like Laughing Buddha, Buddha’s Hand runtz is a daytime hybrid named for the god of wisdom and produces a similar high. When faced with a lack of Jesus OG or Laughing Buddha, this strain is a good alternative.

Buddha’s Hands weed strain

Buddha’s Hand is the ideal companion during the daytime when you need a mood lift or concentrate because it reduces tension without draining energy. White runtz carts

What strain is Buddha’s hand?

It is no surprise that the Sativa-dominant Buddha’s Hand  is the result of crossing Lemon Thai and Snow Lotus. The thick, trichome-covered buds emit potent scents of citrus and wildflowers. Cali weed packs for sale

What is the strongest strain of runtz?

ZAMNESIA (RUNTZ) SEEDS: Extracted from two super plants, this has 27% THC. Whether you call it Gelato or Zkittlez, you already know that this strain doesn’t mess around. As a hybrid consisting of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, it combines the best qualities of each parent plant.


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1 TIN ( 3.5grams), Ounce ( 28grams), Quater Pound (112grams), HP (223grams), pound ( 443grams)


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