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Buy banana pound cake runtz online

Buy banana pound cake runtz online. This runtz strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with 18% THC and 0.03%cbd. This strain came up as a result of crossing the golden state banana and London pound cake. Provides a eutrophic and sleepy feeling making it good for anxiety and depression cases. Banana pound cake Runtz are available both wholesale and retail. Banana pound cake for sale, og runtz packs, gelato runtz for sale, banana pound cake strain, where can i buy pink runtz

Buy banana pound cake runtz online

The name “Golden State Banana 3” is a clever twist on this indica-dominant strain’s heritage. In a linguistic mash up of the parentage, Banana Pound Cake takes its “G” from the male Space Queen used in this breeding line. Space Queen is one of Subcool’s breeding projects that combines the well-known BC strain, Romulan, and the famed Cindy 99 from the Brothers Grimm. Banana runtz for sale

Banana Pound Cake has wide leathery leaves and a typical short, thick indica profile. It thrives indoors and outdoors in climates that have good weather until late October.These moderate feeding plants have almost no stretch, so they can be vegetated longer in order to gain size. Buy weed online with paypal Even though they stay compact,Banana Pound Cake inter nodes are tight. Og runtz packs

Banana pound cake for sale

Breeder Sub cool recommends topping them early. It is also a good idea to thin out the fan leaves to allow light to reach the lower branches. Once topped, Banana Pound Cake plants form large three-headed bushes with bottom stems as big around as your thumb. When given sufficient vegetative time, topped, and grown in soil, plants consistently yield 4 ounces each. Gelato runtz for sale

A sea of green method can also be used. Clones that are budded at 12 inches, produce about 3/4 ounce (21g) per bud site. These plants also do very well when untopped and grown in a screen of green style. Beginners and advanced growers all seem to enjoy growing Gasalato. Fans of color will be thrilled by this plant’s transformation as it flowers. The undersides of the fan leaves turn the rich reds of burgundy wine midway. Banana pound cake strain, where can i buy pink runtz


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