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Apple Gelato backpackboyz strain

Buy apple Gelato Backpackboyz online. Apple Gelato, also known as “Apple Gelato Cookies,” is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain created through a cross of Gelato and the delicious Apple Juice strain. The Apple Gelato high is one that won’t leave you feeling sleepy or lethargic in any way, with a lifting effect to keep you going about your day without a care. An influx of mental energy comes first, building and building into a full-blown cerebral rush that leaves you mentally unfocused and deep in thought with a slightly hazy edge. Apple Gelato Backpackboyz for sale, apple Gelato backpackboyz strain, order strawberry gelato strain, cherry gelato weed strain

20% THC, High CBD – the great balance required to feel the real powerful energetic sensitivity of full spectrum hemp oil. Made of pure organic CBD – No seeds, No tiny crystals, No stalks and No stems. Pure supreme quality! Apple Gelato Backpackboyz for sale

buy apple Gelato Backpackboyz online

Apple Gelato does not only have a name that will attract smokers. It has an amazing smoke that tastes like candy and apples. The smell is mouth-watering, with hints of diesel and sweet fruits. Order strawberry gelato strain

Created by crossing Gelato #33 and Sour Apple with thc ranging from 20-30% and almost no CBD. Apple gelato that will give a solid high to help loosen your muscles and is best consume after a busy day or a day off. Also, see apple mintz

Apple gelato Strain Effects:

Apple Gelato is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “happy” and “euphoric”. This fruity blend has been known to release even the tightest muscles, melting away body aches and pains. Grab some on your next trip and see for yourself what it can do for you. cherry gelato weed strain



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