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Backpack Boyz weed for sale, these nugs are extremely dense. The surface color runs from deep green to dark purple with bunches of bright orange hairs popping up at random and a fair coating of trichomes. Backpack boyz prices, Buy Horchata Backpackboyz Online, Horchata Backpackboyz for sale, backpackboyz website

Out of the bag, the nose hits spicy overall with hints of mint.On the finger grind I pick up on a very piney mint scent mixed with spice, overall, it has a really “refreshing” vibe. Grinding it even further revealed a vanilla tinted sweetness in the mix. It does not finger grind all that well. Backpack boyz strain for sale

Also, it feels like it leaves a waxy coating on your fingers, but not in that finger hashy resin kind of way I’m used to from quality herb. The inhale is just a bit harsh and on the exhale I pick up on notes of spice and gas. Horchata Backpack boyz prices

Backpack Boyz weed for sale, it tastes similar to some really good OG’s I’ve had in the past. The head change is fairly mild-mannered and comes off as an average hybrid. Horchata Backpackboyz for Sale online,

Backpack Boyz weed for sale

The first time I smoked it was after a long day and it really hit me like a ton of bricks. I just knocked right out. Subsequently, that really hasn’t been my experience, and while I don’t mind an even keel hybrid high.

Backpack Boyz weed, i expect a lot more from the head change when it comes to herb at this ticket and with these stats. It just goes to show that THC percentages really are not everything. While it’s not a bad herb by any means and does have a very unique terpenes profile. backpackboyz website


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